Let's have a pep talk!

Hello lovely people! Today I’m going to shed some light on a very important subject, but first I want to take a moment and wish you all an amazing day filled with joy and laughter.

Today is Wednesday and we are moving through the week like ants on a mission, following our individual paths to please the queen; aka our boss that is smothering us with work, our inner demons telling us ‘you suck’. We are all people, we all want things and we all want to be worth loving. The point is; we are in this together, we may not agree on everything but we are all flesh and bones, we all struggle. It’s so easy to forget the little things that makes us smile. So to all you people out there, surfing the internet waves right now, most importantly do not, I repeat DO NOT forget to applaud yourself and others.


I actually have a challenge for you now; look at the person in front of you, to your left, to your right or in the ceiling above you… wait what? Is that Spiderman? Joke aside, truly take a look and notice that person and understand that this individual is the main character in his or hers own life. Don’t look for too long though because I may or not have been the creep that just did that and I just got the ‘’huh?’’ look. Doing this will make you feel more present, less critical and more positive towards others. We should all aim to be that friend that sends a ‘’good luck’’ text in the morning, right? And just to be clear, I’m not saying we should walk around smiling when we’re sad, I’m just cheering you on so that you can pass it on! 

So my important message is, take care of each other and applaud your loved ones. If they succeed, share a toast and when they fail make them want to get back in the saddle. Don’t rub of your negative thinking like ‘’isn’t that job super-competitive?’’. Tell them to go for it if that’s what they want to do. Don’t doubt yourself and your dreams, you can and you will!

Love Johanna