Summer starts now... in Poland

Hello to all my lovely readers out there!  Wherever you are I hope you are having a great day, I know I am.

It’s days like these I will remember clear as day, days filled with new scenery, new faces, laughter and lots of inspiration. I find the more I travel the more inspiration and ambition flows through me, because there is something truly breathtaking about travelling.

Like the title reveals – I’m in Poland! And it really is something extra about jumping on a plane that makes you want to live life to the fullest. Since my sister studies here it’s not my first time around. Therefore, my tourist checklist is completed, which leaves me with five more days to fully live-in the polish culture! What do people eat? How do they dress? How do they act? What makes Gdansk, Gdansk? 

~ Let’s fast forward a couple of hours ~

Whilst I’m sitting in the slightly open apartment window I’m having a bit of a break. With a freshly brewed cup of coffee in my right hand I’m overlooking a busy street in the heart of Old Town. I can hear the street music and the sound of restaurants getting busy, creating the most relaxed vibe in my sisters living room. Not sure what it was but something about town made me daydream about Paris. Maybe it was the loved-up couples or the small streets of Gdansk, I don’t know but it got me thinking very “french”.

So, I decided to share what I’m loving right now, how I want my apartment or why not apartment(s) to look like  Let’s start with some inspiration photos I put together. I hope you get some inspiration and why not share yours with me…

Love Johanna