Hey folks!

Do you have a question regarding my art? Maybe this list of FAQS can help you out. If not, message me in the form under ‘‘contact’’ or send me an email at www.sjostrandart@gmail.com


Do you take commission pieces?

~ Yes I do. If you would like to order a one of a kind customized piece I would be happy to take on the challenge and interpret your thoughts.

What medium do you use?

~ I use high quality acrylics.

What inspires you?

~ My biggest source of inspiration comes from music, travelling and me experimenting with colours and movement on my own. My latest artwork was inspired by the female body and nature.

What do you find the most challenging being an artist?

~ When you have zero inspiration and don’t want to force it but kinda have to… Or the fact that you put your heart and soul into it but it still turns out as sh*t ha.

Can I find your art elsewhere?

~ Yes, you can find it at www.konst.se or see it physically during one of my exhibitions, I will keep you posted on that one :)